The Bio Cell Information (BCI Technology) is the language of our fields!

Findings in the field of biophysics (Professor Fritz Albert Popp and Professor Alexander Gurwitsch) have made clear that exactly this process happens through light (biophotons). Biophotons enable the bio-cell mass to exchange vital information throughout the organism.

Thanks to the photons, information can be transmitted without disruption at almost the speed of light. Even modern light guides, such as fiber optic cables, make use of this type of information transmission. Biophotons may lose their radiance due to different negative factors such as unhealthy diets, electrosmog or genetically engineered foods. Vital information can no longer be optimally exchanged, which can then lead to incorrect control of body processes. And that's exactly where BCI technology comes in!

Thanks to the biophysical mode of action, the radiance of the biophotons can be increased and the cell communication and vitality of the organism can be naturally strengthened. As a result, the self-healing powers in the human organism can be stimulated. And all this 100% without change or side effects.

The different external influences

The human and also the animal organism naturally strives to achieve a physical ideal state. Due to external influences that we can't control, our cells are supplied with false information.

  • Electrosmog (eg mobile phone radiation, WLAN, internet, microwave and much more ...)
  • Altered foods (by artificial flavors and additives, genetically modified food and much more ...)
  • Turbo meat (Industrial animal breeding with factory farming, growth accelerators and much more ...)
  • Increasing workload (several jobs at the same time, higher demands, competitive pressure and much more ...)

This information can lead to a negative cell communication, which can affect the body in many ways sustainable and negative. If only one cell is misinformed, this cell can pass this disinformation to other cells via the biocell information! The natural flow of energy in the body is disturbed and various ailments can occur, such as:

  • Stress
  • Headache
  • Back pain
  • Sleep disorders
  • Lack of concentration
  • Joint and muscle pain

What can you expect by wearing the Ampli5 bracelets?

An increase in strength and a better balance everyone experiences immediately! On the basis of cineosological tests (video) everyone experiences the positive effects within 1 second!

A climb of stamina, energy and flexibility was proven by the long-term sports science study!

Positive side effects

We can not guarantee the positive side effects, as every body reacts individually to the BCI technology! Through the potential activation of natural self-healing powers, the human body can often process chronic pain much better and handle it better. Due to a possible pain relief, many people can move freely and without problems, which can make everyday life and work much easier. Also on sleeping as a whole, the natural self-healing power has a positive effect! Sleep disorders, sleep disorders and morning tiredness often occur due to impaired cell communication.

What chronic pain is there?

The most common chronic pain is arthritis, arthrosis, rheumatism, joint pain, back pain, gout and migraine, etc.

We remind you that Ampli5 products can not cure, diagnose or prevent any disease. The BCI technology can only stimulate the natural self-healing powers and the whole without chemistry!